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SMART PHONES: A Houston Divorce Lawyer's Best Friend

SMART PHONES: A Houston Divorce Lawyer's Best Friend

SMART PHONES: A Houston Divorce Lawyer's Best Friend

I have been saying this for a while now. The technology age is wonderful! It is wonderful because of how easy technology makes our everyday lives. We can Facetime with a friend for free that is a thousand miles away. We can text and message anyone, anywhere. We can search the vast expanses of the internet while sitting isolated on a West Texas ranch. We can use our phone to take a picture of a product's bar code and the phone will immediately tell us what every store in the area is charging for it.

The smart phone is WONDERFUL for everyone, including us divorce lawyers. I cannot even count the divorce attorney technology cheating spouse number of divorce cases involving adultery that were discovered by the use of a smart phone. The use of text messaging, and even the GPS feature of the phone can offer serious clues into a spouse leading a double life. Recently the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers released the results of a survey that showed over 92% of their membership has seen an increase in the use of this type of evidence in their divorce cases.

As a divorce lawyer, I often times ask my clients if they have looked at their spouse's cell phone. Have they looked at the billing statements on the phone to see what numbers are being called and texted most often, or at odd times. These things are a treasure trove of useful information.

I recently was told about a case where a wife found her husband was cheating on her because she followed him using the iPhone's findmyphone app. The wife saw that her husband was parked at a house that he should not have been for a long period of time, so she went there looking for him. She was surprised to find him in his lover's home.

Facebook recently started introducing the Facebook Timeline. This timeline is the proverbial "pot of gold" to divorce and child custody lawyers. The Timeline feature has put all of the data a person has ever entered about themselves, or that their friends have entered about them in one easy to search location. Literally, the Timeline allows a person to dig all of their past up for me to review, without having to look for it.

Yes, divorce lawyers love all of this technology because it gives us what we crave the most….EVIDENCE! These days high tech phones and other gadgets are easily obtainable by every income class of society, so it is no wonder why we are seeing it involved in this tpe of litigation so frequently. Part of being a good divorce lawyer today is not just understanding the courts and family law, it is also understanding technology, so you can assist your clients in gathering the evidence they need to fully present their cases to the court.



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