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Types of Child Custody in Texas

Types of Child Custody in Texas

Child custody can be a confusing issue due to the several different types of custody. The first type of custody that you may come across is an order for temporary custody. This order will be in place while you wait for the court to hold an official hearing and create the formal custody arrangement. This order will be based on the best interests of the child and as a parent, you need to file for temporary custody when going through divorce. At the hearing, the judge will make decisions regarding the official custody arrangement. There are various options that can result regarding child custody; including:

Sole Custody: awarding both legal and physical custody to one parent. This parent will be able to make decisions on behalf of the child and has the right to physical possession of the child.

Split Custody: this type of custody can take place when there are two children in the marriage and each parent receives full physical custody over one child.

Joint Custody: there are several types of joint custody, such as:

  • Joint Legal Custody: both parents share responsibility and control over how the child will be raised and decisions in their life, but there will be only one primary residence for the child.
  • Shared Physical Custody: the child will spend time at two residences and each parent will receive at least 35% of the child's time. One parent may receive more physical custody than the other, but at least 35% of the time has to be spent with the other parent.
  • Combination of Shared Physical and Joint Legal Custody: these types of custody arrangements can be modified to meet the needs of the parents and the best interests of the child.

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